Solar Net Metering

Solar Net Metering

Solar Net Metering


Solar Net Metered Residential projects for Solar has arrived. In today’s world of Net metering and where it is available it is our advise to customers to only go for Net metering as that is the future.

How net metering works 

Net metering is a system where in the Grid tie Solar System is installed and which produces power during the day time and the required power is utilised for the loads and the balance power is exported to the Grid and metered for the credit of the resident.

After sundown, when additional loads such as Air-conditioning, Large screen Televisions and other loads are functioning and these loads are drawn from the Grid and are metered for the debit of the resident.

During monthly metered calculations, the debit and credits are adjusted and only the differences are paid.


  • Very economical cost wise solution
  • Near Zero maintenance as there are no moving or eroding parts such as battery.
  • High technology systems* built to last for 20 years and offered with standard 5 years warranty (*reference is to Zeversolar Inverters).
  • The future for Solar is Net metering.


It is very important that when a solar system is decided that the system is planned for 25 years and a long term perspective is kept in mind and not short minded approach.

Quality of Solar panels that last 25 years

Quality of Solar inverter which is of latest technology with a life of more than 15 years and warranty of 5 years.

Quality and right sizing of Cables, Quality of junction boxes, right safety protections.

Quality of installation including civil, mechanical and electrical installations.

Speak to Solar professionals as SOLAR SYSTEM is a high technical system and you cannt compromise with quality.


SOLAR SYSTEM is a DC system and as this is connected to the Grid in your residence, you will need to ensure that the there is enough protection in the Solar side and Grid side.




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