Solar tracker market expected to grow

Solar tracker market expected to grow

Solar tracker market expected to grow

A report from Sandler Research found the solar tracker market is expected to grow by 17.2 percent until 2019. Solar trackers are devices that follow the sun’s path throughout the day to ensure photovoltaic panels are receiving the most solar energy possible.

There are two types of solar trackers: single axis and dual axis.


Single axis solar trackers are less expensive and more reliable because they don’t require as much maintenance and they aren’t as complicated as dual-axis trackers.They are available in horizontal or vertical designs. The vertical axis is ideal for northern or southern regions because the sun doesn’t reach as high as it does above the equator. Horizontal trackers are best used in tropical regions because the sun is high at midday, but days are shorter.

Dual axis trackers come at a higher price and have more maintenance needs. However, they are more efficient than single-axis trackers.

Single-axis trackers improve the energy output of a solar farm by about 30 to 35 percent, whereas dual-axis trackers can boost efficiency by 36 to 41 percent.

Source :Solarquarter


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