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How-To Commission the SMA Sunny TriPower Core2


The SMA Sunny TriPower Core2 is the ideal inverter for decentralized system structures up to the megawatt range. With 110 kilowatts, 24 strings and 12 MPP trackers of 1100V with DC sunclix connectors it is the most suitable solution for high coverage MW solar plants with inverter located at different place and for different roof orientations.

This permits ultimate flexibility in system design for large-scale commercial solutions for ground-mounted and rooftop systems.

For commissioning a large-scale PV system with inverters at various places, without any hustle all the devices can be connected to single Data Manager M and can be commissioned.

In combination with the SMA Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, the Data Manager M enables monitoring, management, and grid compliant power control in decentralized PV systems.

This document will provide basic details on how-to Commission the SMA Sunny TriPower Core2.


Even if it is a 110kW inverter, with a minimalistic design the inverter gross weight is 93kg.

SMA Sunny TriPower Core2

The inverter can be mounted on two mounting rails and then it can be hooked on to the walls with support using the transport handles.

The handles can be removed after mounting the system. Then use the pan head screws(M5x65) to attach the inverter to the mounting bracket.

SMA Sunny TriPower Core2

DC Input:

SMA Sunny TriPower Core2
SMA Sunny TriPower Core2

The SMA Sunny TriPower Core2 with maximum DC input power of 165kW permits more performance.

With a built in DC protection no external DC combiner box required. This works as a cost effective and as a well-protected system.

The DC inputs is of sunclix connector, this promotes further reliability of system. The installer can just simply connect the DC inputs directly to the system.

Whether it is a ground mount covering high range or a roof mount with different roof pitch orientation, with STP Core2 of 12 MPPTS, the installer can effectively design the system with more flexibility.

With Maximum input voltage as 1100Vdc this permits maximum DC overloading of 165kW which results in more yield and better performance.

Steps to terminate AC for SMA Sunny TriPower Core2

  • Open the AC inverter cover.
  • Remove the AC termination protection cover.
  • Loosen the AC gland on the bottom of inverter.
  • Lead the cable through AC gland into the device.
  • Crimp the AC cables with ring lug terminal.
  • Shrink tubing terminals using hot-air blower to ensure firm contact with the lugs.
SMA Sunny TriPower Core2
SMA Sunny TriPower Core2
  • Hook the AC cables and ground cable onto the threads at top of the cable compartment as shown in the figure below.
  • Install a washer and tighten each hex nut and Swivel net using a rachet.
SMA Sunny TriPower Core2
  • Close the inverter cover after terminating.
  • Ensure all glands are tightend.